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Preseason Player Rating Report

The player rating reports provides a ranking of players (projected for the upcoming season) according the scoring system provided by you. These rankings consider factors such as injury proneness, role changes, declining/improving player skills, and changes in team philosophies. It is not a ranking based exclusively on past performance. Auction values are provided at a nominal cost to those who draft teams by bidding in an auction system. The rankings can be customized to virtually any auction system.

The rankings show the projected statistics in each of the categories in your league on which your rankings are based.  Also included are the important projections of games to be played and minutes per game. The report has fantasy player profiles for over 200 NBA players (including rookies) which provide important supplemental information to the player rankings. Upon request, your rankings can also be provided in a spreadsheet format at no additional cost.

Why is the HoopsKlyce report one of the best available?

The value of a fantasy basketball player is dependent on the statistical categories and the scoring system used in your league. Even the most knowledgeable basketball fan can't determine the optimal fantasy player rankings (or auction values) by judgment. To succeed in your league you must have player ratings customized to your league. Very few internet sites consider the exact scoring system of your league and many do not even indicate if the rankings are based on a particular category. For HoopsKlyce, preparing projections is a 365 day per year task.  It is the only thing we do. Let Hoops Klyce, a proven expert with thousands of satisfied customers since 1996, prepare your personal draft depth chart and save you hours of research work. Maximize your chances of finishing first!

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